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Alrighty, so.

I haven’t done anything really in a year and a half.  Been busy with other stuff, and honestly, I simply haven’t had the desire to make any more videos.  I know I am terrible at it, but it was fun for awhile.  I kept paying for the site because I really didn’t want to let go, even though I haven’t done anything with it.  Suddenly, I got an urge to come back to this.  I’ve been redesigning the site, changing out from the sprite I had to a cartoony logo I drew myself.  There are going to be some bugs as I transition the site to a new design (since I don’t know anything about coding, not to mention I am making the new design up as I go along), so bare with it.


Also, I wanted to show off my MAME cabinet.



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I know I haven’t posted anything or made any new videos for the better part of two years, but I’ve been thinking about starting it back up.  I’ve changed up the look of the site a little it, and things were going alright but then I ran into some problems with some plugins.  I tried backing up the site and doing a fresh install of WordPress but apparently the backup didn’t work, so now I lost all my posts.  Not really a big deal, I was thinking of a fresh start anyways.