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Alrighty, so.

I haven’t done anything really in a year and a half.  Been busy with other stuff, and honestly, I simply haven’t had the desire to make any more videos.  I know I am terrible at it, but it was fun for awhile.  I kept paying for the site because I really didn’t want to let go, even though I haven’t done anything with it.  Suddenly, I got an urge to come back to this.  I’ve been redesigning the site, changing out from the sprite I had to a cartoony logo I drew myself.  There are going to be some bugs as I transition the site to a new design (since I don’t know anything about coding, not to mention I am making the new design up as I go along), so bare with it.


Also, I wanted to show off my MAME cabinet.





1 4 2 3 5


I’ve had this for about 8 months now, and it’s awesome.  It’s an X-Arcade Tankstick with an XL Cabinet from  It’s so cool, works great for arcade and emulation.  I designed the artwork myself, just a bunch of old sprites and images from old video games (though I did use a premade collage for the marquee) and I switched out the sticks and buttons from the Tankstick with new parts.  Sorry about all the wires, my main PC is housed inside the cabinet and there is a bunch hooked up to it.  It actually works out pretty well.  I still need to design a bezel for it, though.


I will take better pictures some other time.  Here are the designs (not sure why the thumbnails are messed up):


Xtension_Base marquee overlay Xtension_Base





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